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Celebrating 30 fabulous years of Balinese music and dance, the fifty performers of Sekar Jaya features two large percussion orchestras: the bronze gamelan gong kebyar, and the ensemble of giant bamboo marimbas, gamelan jegog. The outdoor setup reflects the open-air settings used in traditional Balinese contexts, where groups often play within or in front of temple courtyards. The audience is welcomed to enjoy the performance from various sides and perspectives, to enjoy the complex interlocking rhythms and virtuosic ensemble sensibility of Balinese gamelan, and the myriad expressions and delicate hand and eye motions of Balinese dance.

Pusaka Sunda was established by Burhan Sukarma, renowned Sundanese suling (bamboo flute) virtuoso from West Java, Indonesia. In keeping with its name, which means Sundanese heirloom, the group is dedicated to the beautiful classical music of West Java's gamelan degung – a ten-piece set of bronze percussion instruments, suling, and drums. In addition, they have explored new compositions and collaborations to forge a connection to the music's new American home. Pusaka Sunda continues to draw upon its dedicated core musicians, supplemented by guest artists from Northern California and Indonesia.

Official Website: http://www.ybae.org/cgi-local/Calendar/calendar.pl?selected_datestring=20090905&datestring=20090905&template=event_detail.html&event_id=456

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