504 E Locust St
Des Moines, California 50309

December 6, 7, & 8, 2007 at 7:30 pm

Reich ‘n’ Roll Revisited: A Residents Retrospective

Reich ‘n’ Roll Revisited: A Residents Retrospective features most of the groundbreaking music videos and films, some unseen and unreleased until now, made by the San Francisco group. The Residents are perhaps the most disorienting, mysterious and inventive music and visual arts act of our time. Originally from Louisiana, they moved to San Francisco in the early 1970s and formed Ralph Records. The Residents cloak their lives and music in a haze of obscurity; the band's members never identify themselves by name, always appearing in public in disguise—usually tuxedos, top hats and giant eyeball masks—and refuse to grant media interviews. Their profoundly influential recordings and performances combine experimental sound and cryptic visuals, creating a riddle of Sphinx-like proportions. Though the “eyeballs” are officially retired, The Residents are still active in many multimedia projects.

Program One: Previous Millennium
Thu, Dec 6, 7:30 pm
Introduced by a representative of The Residents
Program includes the following shorts: The Third Reich 'N' Roll (1976), Hello Skinny (1980), One-Minute Movies (1980), Man's World (1984), Earth VS Flying Saucers (1985), Don't Be Cruel (1990), Harry the Head (1990), Stars & Stripes Forever (1986), Vileness Fats Edit (1974), Birth (1979), Arctic Hysteria (1979) and Festival of Death (1979).

Program Two: Current Millennium
Fri, Dec 7, 7:30 pm
Program includes the following shorts: Ten One-Minute Movies (2005), Fifteen More Movies (2005), Benny (2005), Teddy (2001), Viva Las Vegas (2006), Mutts with Mustaches (2006), Walking Women (2006), Constantinople (2000), Burn Baby Burn (2000), Kick a Picnic (2000), He Also Serves (2000) and The Gingerbread Man (2000).

Program Three: Live Video
Sat, Dec 8, 7:30 pm
Program includes live performance videos from The Mole Show, 13th Anniversary, Cube E, Freak Show, Disfigured Night, Wormwood, Icky Flix, Demons Dance Alone and The Way We Were (1973–2005).

The Residents

YBCA Screening Room
701 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Public Info:
415-978-2787 or www.ybca.org
Ticket for single screening: $8 regular; $6 students, seniors, teachers and YBCA

Pass for all three screenings: $20 regular; $15 students, seniors & teachers; $15 YBCA

Official Website: http://www.ybca.org

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