122 B Street
Davis, California 95616

Seven-inch release party for Dead Western (Weird Forest records)

Yellow Swans play a constantly evolving mass of psychedelic noise that is
both physically arresting and psychically liberating. Their music is powerful rendering of free rock, black electronics, and white light vibrations.

Consisting of Pete Swanson (vocals, drum machine, and electronics) and Gabriel Mindel Saloman (guitars, feedback, electronics), Yellow Swans create a dense ocean of sound using various analog and digital machines, all locked in a spiraling web of feedback.

Yellow Swans, having spent two years in Oakland, CA, are based once again in Portland, OR, where they originally formed in the Fall of 2001.

They have just finished a year in which they toured the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and are about to embark on their 3rd US tour in the Fall of 2006. They have also just released their second studio album, "Psychic Secession", on LOAD Records.

The Stockdale/Corcoran duo combine free jazz idioms with hardcore intensity. Chad blows till near unconciousness, and Kevin hits delicately in complex poly-rhythms. This duo were amazing when they started, and they just get better and better with each show. Expect extreme catharsis.

Dead Western is Sacramento's Troy Mighty. Mighty is quite likely this area's best current lyricist, and by far, this area's most eccentric "singer/songwriter". Dead Western's moany vocals can be hypnotizing, and once you start paying attention to his clever lyrics, you'll be sold. The Mighty performance calls on you to be liberated in mind...and succeeds.

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