2901 Las Vegas Blvd., South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

From the YearlyKos official website pages [updated 2/20]:
YearlyKos is a Netroots Community Convention, coming to Las Vegas June 8-11, 2006 .

At the YearlyKos Convention there will be a number of events, speakers, panels and networking sessions. The Keynote Speaker will be Senate Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid. Other prominent elected officials, bloggers, thinkers, writers, will also be attending, speaking, and available for discussion.

The panels will feature bloggers, politicians and leading experts who
have a lot to say and teach while learning from you, the netroots. Many people look to the blogosphere to learn about important events and issues, and YearlyKos will amplify that learning process with these panel discussions and other activities.

Please help make YearlyKos successful by contributing a few dollars. And please join us by signing up and attending the YearlyKos convention yourself! Meet the bloggers, meet the people you hear on the radio, meet the leaders and elected officials, meet the DailyKos community.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO AMPLIFY YOUR ONLINE VOICE -- saying what YOU have to say to these politicians, leaders, thinkers, and writers in person, and letting them know what is important to YOU. This is an event to help build important, politically active communities that can make a real difference in the public sphere. YearlyKos is the chance for us to be heard.


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