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This is the latest in the series of free YDN Tuesday technical talks in London (on the first Tuesday of each month).

Writing the Code that Writes the Code: Code Generation in Action

The best developers are fundamentally very lazy. What if there was a way to write a fraction of the volume of code you currently write without losing any functionality, and massively increasing code quality (can you say ‘100% test coverage’)?

Code generation allows us to do exactly that: we can write less code that does more. Imagine a world where all your code is unit-tested, fully documented, clearly commented, fully optimised, is a joy to maintain, and /still/ meets all the requirements. That world is exactly what code generation offers.

Why outsource code to someone halfway around the world when you can outsource it to the little goblins inside the magic box on your desk? Steve Marshall will show you the how, the why, and the ‘what’s that warm feeling inside?’

About Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall is a web developer (and dreamer or naysayer, as the need arises) for Yahoo! Europe, and has been working with code since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. If he ever grows up, he wants to be a pirate but, in the meantime, spends his time working on Yahoo!’s media sites (notably, Yahoo! TV in Europe) and tinkering with any technology that take his fancy.

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