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We’re launching our “Yahoo!7 Open Sessions” events which will see Yahoo!7 be host to a range of international and local technology experts over the coming months.

The first cab off the ranks is UK based geek and hacker by heart Christian Heilmann. Currently sporting the job title “International Developer Evangelist” he spends his time going from conference to conference to speak and train people on systems provided by Yahoo and other web companies that want to make this web thing work well for everybody. Christian is an expert in accessibility, all tech things Yahoo (APIs, SDKs), Front End Development, JavaScript, Mashups, Unobtrusive JavaScript / Defensive Scripting and more! Check out more info on Christian here http://www.wait-till-i.com/

Christian is in Australia for the Web Directions event and will be giving a special free session at Yahoo!7’s Sydney offices on the evening of Wednesday 22nd April. Come along to hear more about how Australian developers can tap into what Yahoo! is doing both here and around the world, meet the man and get free drinks and food.

Numbers are limited so registration is a must, so if you're interested just click the "I'm going" button up there on the top right.

Official Website: http://developer.yahoo.com

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I've met Christian in the UK and he is a web dev and accessibility guru (who also 'gets' SEO). I wish I was in Sydney to see him but if you can make it definitely come along!


Thanks for the mention of Christian's workshops (both in Sydney and Melbourne).

We've got a few places left, so if you want to get a whole day of intensive JavaScript and Ajax training with Christian, more details are here