Hamanofim 9, Hertzliya Pituach
Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv

Hi All - Welcome the invite page for the Yahoo! Search BOSS Hack Event and Contest in Tel Aviv! We are excited to spend some time and educate folks on the Yahoo! Search BOSS platform - http://developer.yahoo.com/search/boss/.

After that the plan is for developers to start building products. We want to give you the weekend to work on them, so anything submitted by Monday morning will be considered for the contest. We'll announce winners shortly thereafter. We are still working on the prize, but promise something cool.

Please forward the invite to friends that would be interested. We have room for about 100, so please confirm that you are coming by hitting the "I'm Going" button.

- BOSS Team

P.S. Thank you to everyone for attending. Please send your BOSS submissions to [email protected].

Added by bill_michels on October 14, 2008



Will any part of the event be of interest for non-developers?

Yaron Carni

שלום, אני מחפש

1) מתכנת/ת
2) בודק/ת תוכנה QA
3) מעצב/ת

לחברת סטארט אפ מבטיחה ורווחית בשדרות רוטשילד בתל אביב- בעידן של חוסר וודאות בואו לעבוד בחברה יציבה עם אורך נשימה ואיתנות

נא לשלוח קו"ח
[email protected]

No freelancers/outsourcing or part time


Are you not ashamed - especially after the Model like picture you got on the newspaper??? :)

Yaron Carni

Yosi - as someone who kept hailing hurray for Microsoft's new products it's quite amusing to see you here @ Yahoo :)

and you are the only model in the bunch

Yoni Karabel

Where do I send my hack?
Does anyone have the e-mail?