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BOSS - Build (your) Own Search Service is Yahoo's new API which allows you to build a search engine based on our systems. It is one of the first steps to make Yahoo! much more open for you to enhance and customize our offers for yourself.

During the BOSS hack event you will be able to meet the team, learn all about the API and have a first go at building your own search engine in a matter of minutes.

We'll be there for questions and even provide you with beer and snacks.

So if you always wanted to build a custom search engine and never thought you had it in you here's your chance to prove yourself wrong.

Sign up here at Upcoming by hitting the "I'm Going" button and come see us on November 10th.

Hope to see you there!

The BOSS Team

PS You can find out a lot more about BOSS at http://developer.yahoo.com/search/boss/

Added by Sophie D-P on October 17, 2008


Judith Lewis - deCabbit

WOOHOO! I'm in and it was super easy - come on folks - we're about to start but we haven't started yet - hurry on in!!