Taj West End,The Ball Room
Bangalore, Karnataka

Yahoo! India Research & Development is organizing its second round of the Big Thinkers India Series , where Andrew Tomkins, Director of Search Research at Yahoo! Research will share his insights and experience on ‘Web Search and Online Communities ’. The event will be held at The Ballroom, Taj West End, Bangalore on April 5, 2007. More details on the programme are available at the Big Thinkers India Series website.

Abstract of Andrew Tomkins Talk in Bangalore:
In this talk, Andrew will cover some recent trends in web search, and
discuss some key future directions for Yahoo!. He'll also touch on the
dynamics of online community formation, in various venues. Finally, he will connect these two areas with a discussion of the challenges of
incorporating and ranking user-generated content alongside traditional algorithmic search results.

Official Website: http://bangalore.yahoo.com/bigthinkers/register.html

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