Strand (entrance in Aldwych)
London, England WC2B 4PH

The kindhearted Mr Forrester has agreed to play host to our little group.

The agenda very loosely will involve Nic Ferrier doing a presentation on using XSLT with django, the prerequisite work necessary to make this possible, the advantages of this approach over django's templating system and how this could be adapted for other languages and frameworks.

If there is time, attendees will get a sneak preview along the lines of "something we built earlier".

Instructions for attendees.

Room G5,
South East Block,
Bush House.

We will need to provide names before hand so "I am attending" on upcoming should really mean "I am attending".

Added by io2 on September 13, 2007



Django developers are also welcome to attend as in this particular case we 'll be doing a bit of django as well.

Please forward to anyone who might be interested.



Shame it's on a Thursday, that's when I fence people rather than angle brackets!


Bring your rapier - I'll bring the table to jump off!

Nigel Pepper

Bummer - i'll be fetching quantities of wine from our Gaullic neighbours on the 20th. Lets play in October though!