622 SE Grand Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

The monthly meeting of Portland's Extreme Programming Group. Come discuss/learn about/put into practice Agile Development methodologies. Expect pizza and beer. To learn more about Extreme Programming and/or Agile Development, go to code.arlim.org or www.xpdx.org.

This month James Shore, coathor of The Art of Agile Development and Agile Alliance award winner, will present the following lecture:

Testers and Agile Engineering: Bridging the Gap

Extreme Programming provides a great set of agile engineering practices for programmers, but what about testers? How do they fit in? In this presentation, James will share lessons learned from several years of helping testers integrate into agile teams. Learn how to use testers' specialized skills to prevent defects, not just find them. Topics include requirements collaboration with Fit, customer reviews, exploratory testing, and working with developers who are using test-driven development.

James will also answer questions, sign books (books will be available for purchase), and give away a copy of The Art of Agile Development to one lucky attendee. For more info about James, visit his website: http://www.jamesshore.com.

Pizza will be sponsored by Diana Larsen of Futureworks Consulting, our new Agile Alliance Board representative!

Please RSVP directly to [email protected].

Official Website: http://cubespacepdx.com/node/1374

Added by Eva Schweber on October 10, 2007