1309 E. 7th St
Austin, Texas 78702

Join us for a few hours of discussion about XMPP, the open messaging protocol used by Google Talk and many other products.

Jack Moffitt from Chesspark, an XMPP based online Chess site, will be in town during SXSW to facilitate a meetup of people interesting in learning more about this exciting technology and discuss interesting and creative uses.

Jack will give an overview of XMPP and talk about implementing XMPP with Javascript using Strophe.js as well as be available to talk about other topics including:
* Implemeting and consuming web services with XMPP
* PubSub
* Deploying and Scaling XMPP Servers

Anybody that has any XMPP related topic to discuss or project to present is welcome and encouraged to do so.

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Added by mirven on March 6, 2009