1525 Mission Street @ 11th St
San Francisco, California 94103

fresco presents
XLR8R 13 Year Anniversary

Domu (Bugz In the Attic, Jazzanova/Compost - UK)

+ fresco DJs:
DJs Hakobo, Tokyo Component, Kento

+ Special Guest:
Tomas (Voltage, Umoja)

@Duplex 10 bones

Join us for a very special night as we celebrate San Francisco music mag XLR8R 13 Year Anniversary.

The return of the Domu.
Domu is one of the most stylistically varied electronic producers. Creating a wide range of forms from the Sci-Fi Brazilian sounds of Bakura (Especial), deep soulful tech savyof Rima(Jazzanova Compost), to twisted hip hop of Umod (Sonar Kollektiv/Ninja Tune), his sound is always Dom-Unique. His production diversity is translated directly into his DJ sets and he resides at one of the UKs most celebrated nights Co-Op which he runs w/Seiji. Co-Op is the premiere broken beat night w/rotating DJs Bugz In the Attic, 4 Hero, IG Culture, Madlib and Restless Soul.

Domu producitons:
Domu "Up + Down" "Return of The Rouge" (Archive + 2000 Black)
Bakura "Reach The Sky" (Especial)
Rima "This Wolrd" (Jazzanova Compost Records)
Umod "Enter The Umod" (Sonar Kollektiv)
Vaceo (Chillifunk)
Zoltar (Sonar Kollektiv)
Kudu (Bugz In the Attic)
Realsides (Sirkus)
Yotoko (Delsin)

Domu, the premier bruk'n'bass studio scientist, continues to drop bomb after bomb and pulls out all the stops for Jazzanova. With its killer drums, jaw-dropping programming, deep, deep chords and sickening bass, this is the unmistakable sound of a producer miles ahead of the rest. Awesome. ? Seiji

About XLR8R:
The nine-times-a-year zine?s exclusive, small-print, dismissive critiques and dizzying, technophile design are a godsend to a dance world that is otherwise spoon-fed superstar DJs, place-to-be parties, and cookie-cutter compilations. The electronic music explosion has, at times, had other keep-it-real proponents, most notably Urb magazine, but the economics of publishing have made it almost impossible to diss dance stars on the one hand and accept full-page advertisements from said stars? record labels on the other. XLR8R, however, has found a loophole that?s become its lifeblood: By expanding into electronic-music lifestyle and fashion, the thick glossy has attracted national advertisers (Adidas, Diesel, Rockstar Games) interested in the kind of ?early adopter? market that XLR8R readers represent. They?re the kind of people who, when they discover hip clothing, home d├ęcor, or videogames, tell two friends, and so on. This lets the magazine grill even the scene?s most sacred cows, making it a must-read for fans of digital pop culture.

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