629 Cedar Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

We all live in pain. Maddening depression is as debilitating as cancer, it's just a question of which you're cursed to lose: Your mind or your body. Xiu Xiu operate on the precept that pain is relative, life is as meaningless as you make it, and that no matter how far you take it-- sex, drugs, rock and roll-- if you're still breathing you could have done more. These new New Romantics also face down the contradiction that tripped up the last generation: As long as you're alive, you're a liar. Xiu Xiu are plugged into a morbidity only hinted at by lipstick Goths, a theatric, obnoxious self-obsession approaching the club-kids that ran amok in early-90s New York.
Ches Smith joined Xiu Xiu, both recording and touring with the band in 2006, he opens the show as Congs for Brum.
So, check it, I toootally made the bonehead mistake of listening to the new Dirty Projectors EP, New Attitude, after smoking a gangload of medicinal-grade weed and the shit WWE-smackdowned me and cooked my little brain like a delicious ham and cheese omelet. The seven tracks made no sense; I had no reference points for what I was hearing. I knew there were guitars but since when did guitars sound like they were playing notes on a steel bass drum instead of steel strings and frets? Were those really Hare Krishna chants, or was I that blunted? Was their drummer dropping beats backward while the band played lead and rhythm lines with screwdrivers on a basement's water piping? Like, WTF, yo! Looney Tunes thing is, I listened to it the next day and it sounded exactly the same. Dirty Projectors, you're my new best buddy. Let's kick it again sometime. Your crunktastical music. My confused but loving ears. Bong not required. -Portland Mercury
--All Ages Show

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