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Scandalous! True! Confessions!!!

The WYSIWYG Talent Show is the first-ever all-blogger series of readings and performances. WYSIWYG started in February 2004 with the messy and spectacular "Worst.Sex.Ever - An Anti-Valentine's Day Reading" and since then has presented over 120 bloggers reading stories, kicking rhymes, playing music, telling jokes, showing films and much, much more. This monthly showcase offers bloggers a chance to get out from behind their monitors, strut their stuff and meet each other (and their readers) live and close-up. For more information visit www.wysiwygtalentshow.org (WYSIWYG is produced and curated by Chris Hampton ( www.uffish.com ), Dan Rhatigan ( www.ultrasparky.org ) and Andy Horwitz ( www.culturebot.org )

Added by angelinadarling on April 6, 2006