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Cor, have the lovely Captain John and his crew of good shippers let us wage the Rocklands vibe on an unsuspecting North West SIX for that long?

We have to find some DVDs for between the bands tho please email the rocklands at yahoo dot com if you've got any to show. Might as well have a bit of a do, cakes provided...

And stuff.

WUTARS - Newer Wave Power Pop. A fresh rock outfit that have been residing at Filthy McNasty's and gaining ann awesome reputation. Last week they signed their first record deal on that stage (where Pete & Carl performed their last gig together) in Front of the Libertines photo. Perhaps it's a sign... "We are delighted to be working with the most catchy, melodic band of the decade." say Was Not Done Records.

Their super-charged live show is another feather in the cap of a band that effortlessly stand out from their peers. At a time when critical massage seems to revolve around image rather than music, here are four passionate young lads who add substance to a bleak landscape. Here is a band who created music to inspire…

Their songs tell story of Life, love, loss, alcohol abuse, and the same disenchantment which many young people feel towards the routine of 21st century living. The Wutars are not an arrogant bunch, yet they are instilled with a strong self belief & not yet tainted with cynism of life, boasting a song writing partnership which treatens to rival the true greats, and a rhythm section that will tear the roof off!!! Wutars will stop at nothing until everyone is talking about them. Join in as the story begins...


PATTY WINTERS SHOW - Alt - Pop - Art - Rock. 'Deceptively catchy, harmony laden pop racket' (Fake DIY). Favourite unsigned band of Jane Gazzo (BBC 6Music), Tom, Kirsty and Ben gear up for autumn releases with some live outiings.

'Awkward, understated Englishness combined with aggressive angular pop music' (Joyzine)

Harmony drenched art pop' (Time Out)


RAVEN BEATS CROW - Alternative Rock outfit of the D.I.Y. oddypop kind - Super Blurry Animals from Planet Dreamy Chord. Here is a band with ideas up their sleeves and an engaging, urgent manner. Catch them at close quarters for now as it all kicks off...

And look out for Club Raven - their new monthly club night in Camden with at least three live bands (including themselves in residency) at wonderfully bijou venue, The Enterprise (mini Barfly up the road from the original). Also there will be brilliant and bizarre DJ's, playing an eclectic mix of charity shop records and all your 'off-kilter' pop hosted by Raven Beats Crow and costing only £1 to get in. Launches 14th November.

A visit to listen to their songs is well rewarded (Refugee Song a cross between pure harmonic beauty and having a fit - gorgeous). Raven Beats Crow beats missing a ready made cult favourite...


DJs are P.O.L.E. presenters Heartbreaker DJs. 20th and 21st century classics and hidden treasures for your aural pleasures. http://myspace.com/theheartbreakersmusic


Music Tourist Board.

North P.O.L.E. Club @ The Good Ship, 289 Kilburn High Road, London NW6

£5 entry
8pm-11.30pm then after show music bar until 2am.

£3 with band flyer / list.

Free with P.O.L.E. badge.

Official Website: http://myspace.com/artfulmtb

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