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San Francisco, California

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wtf: an okaymentary explores how online community, okayplayer.com, has vaulted the digital divide, connecting a diverse range of music lovers in ways that defy expectations. The universal language of music has brought fans of urban artists like The Roots, Common, D’Angelo, Jill Scott, Talib Kweli and Erykah Badu online together. By sharing their words day after day, year after year, the users of okayplayer.com have formed a virtual yet very real family. The film explores what binds this group of people who interact through their computer screens and promote trust in an anonymous environment. This film also showcases the various roles that music plays for contemporary twenty- and thirty-somethings. It addresses the complex nature of online communities and their real-world effects.

Sat, Sep 29 2007 5:00 pm Roxie Cinema
Sun, Sep 30 2007 5:00 pm Roxie Cinema

Official Website: http://docfest.withoutabox.com/festivals/event_item.php?id=10343

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