15-17 Middle Street
Brighton, England BN1 1AL

BRIGHTON FILM WORKSHOPS presents this intensive practical workshop on writing film scripts and directing actors for short films and low-budget features.

This is the perfect first step if you are thinking about making your first film and you want to know the basics of how to write a script and direct actors.

After practical exercises covering the basics of writing screenplays and directing actors for film, everyone will write their own short script and direct actors to perform their script!

On writing: practical exercises and discussions covering coming up with a great concept, creating great characters, constructing narrative arcs, dramatic themes, genre, style, classic script structures & format.

On directing actors: practical exercises and discussions covering rehearsals, blocking scenes, actor motivations and directing actors on set, including vital “quick-fixes” to get a believable performance from your actors.

The aim is to write a short 2-3 page film script and then to bring the words to life by directing your fellow classmates as characters in your script.

The day culminates in a performance of your script which will be filmed. A DVD of the performances and full set of handouts will be provided after the workshop.

Run by director of indie feature film recently released by Hollywood Studio.

Venue: Brighton Media Centre Film Studio
Central location: 5 mins walk from Brighton train station

Sat 23rd January Time: 10-5pm.

Cost: £100 Normal Cost or £90 for students

* 10:00 Discussion and practical exercises on writing for the screen: creating cinematic characters, constructing narrative arcs, dramatic themes, genre, style, script structure & format.
* 12:30 Lunch break and your chance to write a 2-3 page script (with guidance if needed)
* 14:00 Discussion and practical exercises on directing actors: rehearsals, blocking scenes, actor motivations, directing actors on set including vital “quick fixes” to get the most from your actors.
* 15:30 Participants will split into teams of three and each will take it in turns to direct their script using the other two participants as actors.
* 16:30 Performance and filming of the directed scripts.
* 17:00 Wrap

To book visit: www.brightonfilmworkshops.co.uk

Official Website: http://www.brightonfilmworkshops.co.uk

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