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Wrestling with Mother Nature: Osama, Michael Jackson, and the Bungle in Iraq--A Roaring Wrangle with Howard Bloom. Featuring the Debut of the World's First Biopolitical Cartoon - Howard the Humongous
An Evening with Howard Bloom
Price: $10.00
Date: Wed, May 11
Start Time: 7:00 PM

When Howard Bloom locks his eyes on yours and speaks, he rocks, he soars, he whispers, and he roars. He makes your mind do back flips and eagle-lifts. As Richard Metzger, founder of The Disinformation Company puts it, Howard Bloom is a ?human tornado? Bloom wants us to understand hatred, racism, and genocide, to understand our evolutionary development--ourselves, who we are down to the microbial level--so we can outwit the script that an apparently insane programmer, God himself, wrote into our genetic code.? And Bloom pulls this off with a knack for storytelling and humor that defies belief.

Here are some expert opinions on what you?re in for:

You ?will be mesmerized? The Washington Post

?reassuring and sobering? The New Yorker

?televisual narcotics for the spirit.? Bill Fairhall, viewer, Channel4 TV

"Howard Bloom is next on a very short list that includes Darwin, Freud, Einstein, and Buckminster Fuller."??Richard Metzger

"Howard Bloom may be the new Stephen Hawking."??Aaron Hicklin, Gear

"I am awestruck."??Douglas Rushkoff, author of Media Virus, Coercion, and Ecstasy Club

?His enthusiasm, the grand scale of his thinking, and his transcendence of traditional academic disciplines? is simultaneously exciting and humbling. Bloom takes the old-school, sci-fi dystopian vision of group thinking and turns it around?[he] predicts that our future's going to be less like the Borg and more like a great party.? Rob Lightner, science editor, Amazon.com

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