Denver, Colorado

(66th World Science Fiction Convention) The Worldcon is an eclectic mix of annual meeting, exhibition, awards ceremony, opportunity for making publishing deals, and old home week for science fiction fans and professionals. The Worldcon is an opportunity to share ideas, experience, and the love of the fantastic. Unlike many other genre conventions, the Worldcon prides itself on being run by and for its membership, not for profit.

Guest of Honor: Lois McMaster Bujold
Fan Guest of Honor: Tom Whitmore
Toastmaster: Wil McCarthy

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Added by SARudy on September 8, 2006


Auntie M

The Con is Almost Here. I will be on Panels. Look for me.

Judith Lewis - deCabbit

How will we know you - by your hat?


Auntie M

My Real Name - Lisa Deutsch Harrigan is on my profile.
And yes, some times by the hat. I will be bringing that costume with me. :)
The hat has actually won a Masquerade Award of "Best Pointy Hat" at a Mythcon. So, for my friends, it has become infamous. :D
So far I'm on a Sex and Lord of the Rings panel; a Star Trek Panel, and the BoF for the Mythopoeic Society. More may be added.
Oh, and I'm helping at the SJ in 2011 Westercon Bid, so I'll be at the table and party.
That help? :P