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"As newspapers wrestle with declining circulation and the rise of the new media, is the profession behind the headlines in jeopardy?

The internet’s influence has drastically changed the media landscape, often to the detriment of print newspapers. Is new media edging out accountability and standards with ill-informed opinion and user-generated rants? Or is it the evolution of journalism, breaking down barriers which previously restricted the flow of information and narrowed the range of debate?

Our panel of experts debate the implications of new media on journalism and what it means for press freedom in the digital age."

Speakers include:

Andrew Keen – Author of the critically acclaimed book The Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet is Killing Our Culture
Nazenin Ansari – Diplomatic editor of the London edition of Kayhan (London), a weekly Persian language newspaper and President of the Foreign Press Association
Robin Lustig – Presenter of Newshour on BBC World Service and the World Tonight on BBC Radio 4
Kim Fletcher - Former editor of The Independent on Sunday and editorial director of the Telegraph group

Official Website: http://www.frontlineclub.com/club_events.php?event=2019

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