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Is it possible to photograph a million people in one weekend?

World Portrait Days will take place over the weekend of August 1-3, 2008. On that weekend, either with your Flickr friends, by yourself or with anyone else, go out and take portraits of people. They can be friends or family, of course, but please take many photos of strangers as well and explain a little bit about the project. You might set up a photo booth in the town square, or approach people as you walk the street, or attend a public event and photograph people there. We hope that you will add all of these photos to the World Portrait Days photo pool, and will also add many of them to the 6 Million People group. In that group, we are collecting photos of 6 million different people, one portrait at a time, in order to create a memorial for all Holocaust victims. Please add all your photos to World Portrait Days, and please add 1 portrait of each person you photograph on that day to 6 Million People. Thank you, good luck & have fun!

1. By yourself or with friends, take portraits of friends & strangers over the weekend of August 1-3, 2008. You may also choose to organize a Flickr meet-up or join one that has already been planned.
2. Over the next couple weeks, add all your photos from World Portrait Days to the photo pool.
3. Please also join 6 Million People and add qualifying photos to that group as well.
4. Have fun! Meet new people! Celebrate Flickrdom!

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