227 Market St
Kittanning, Pennsylvania 16201

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Unicron/HyJax/Buku/Starkiss/Etc (and more DJs!)


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..:: Not My Kids Promo! ::..




As of Monday August 20th, we have added GOBS THE ZOMBIE to our lineup!


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8 - 8:30 = Gibbit

8:30 - 9 = Braykedown

9 - 10 = Bross

10 - 11 = Hyjax

11 - 12 = Gobs The Zombie

12 - 1 = Starkiss

1 - 2 = Unicron

2 - 3 = Buku

3 - 4 = Kilo & Ben Matrix

4 - 5 = Brian Thomas

== 2ND STAGE ==
8- 8:30 = Alekat

8:30 - 9 = Chaotic Style

9 - 10 = Benni Blackjack

10 - 11 = Cur8r

11 - 12 = Cypher

12 - 1 = Selektas

1 - 2 = Black Daddy & Lush

2 - 3 = HAC

3 - 4 = Trixx

4 - 5 = Omen

Buy Tickets Here http://fla.vor.us/wafform.aspx?_act=eventview&_pky=129560&afflky=NHS3LT

Due do circumstances out of our control, we are dropping NERD RAGE as the headliner, and moving the show to a more suitable venue. These months have been hot and you will all be very pleased with this one! It is very well kept and the staff are amazingly nice people!

..:: Previous events ::..Light It Up - October 8th 2011 @ Braddock ElksJust Bang It - Feb 4th 2012 @ Braddock Elks
We are proud to present to you our third event here in pittsburgh! Thank you all for such great support with past events, it has truly lit a fire in our lives to continue to bring you quality events, great vibes, at the cheapest price we can manage. This will be a fantasy themed event with a door discount if you are in some kind of fantasy/mythical/monster costume.
..::Acceptable costumes::..- Zombies- Pirates- Ninjas- Wolverines- Knights (NO WEAPONS OR ANYTHING THAT LOOKS LIKE A WEAPON)- Any kind of wild animal, beast (from rabbits to bears)- Fairies- Witches + Wizards- And More!
We are leaving the judgement on what is acceptable for door discount very open ended. Get creative! Anything that looks like you obviously didn't put any effort into your costume will not be accepted; single eyepatch, stick on mustaches, lazily applied fake blood, etc, will not be accepted. Please contribute to the fantasy vibe by making your costume fun and believable! Any costumes that appear to have any type of satchel/container/hidden or extravagent pockets, will be subject to a brief search at the door before entry.
Let's create a world of fantasy and escape reality for this night!!

Buy Tickets Here http://fla.vor.us/wafform.aspx?_act=eventview&_pky=129560&afflky=NHS3LT

....::::FEATURED DJS::::....
•]••´º´•» UNICRON «•´º´••[•
Unicron has been playing out for over 5 years. non stop. Starting out as a Hardcore/Speedcore Dj he found his nack for cuts and tricks real fast. bringing that intense fast style of mixing into Dnb and Dubstep he has found his own style that is Unique. in 2010 he took off with over 87 bookings in over 7 states. releasing over 160 tunes in the past 2 years under multiple different labels. Also being the Founder of Avantgarde Lifestyles, 3 Dolla Holla, and also being a DJ Competition winner at the 2012 Dubstep Music Awards. he has proven him self over again as a promotor/ event coordinator/ and a performer. sharing the stage with names like Dj Starscream, Dara, Nero, Andy C, Borgore, Mista Hyde, Vermin, Jantsen, Nit Grit,Screamerclauz, J Rabbit, D-queue, Gangsta Fun, Beretta, Wolfgang Gartner, Steve Aoki, Evol INtent, Jimni Criket, Delirium, Bong Ra, Vaski, Danny the wildchild, Dieselboy, Ashburner, Goli, Mayhem, Kieth Mackenzie, Ztrip, Craze, Figure and many many more. Now working with his partner in Crime MoonChild as one half of Da Panty Droppaz.
[email protected]http://www.facebook.com/DjUnicronphilly
Affiliates: EbeRecords.com, Avantgarde Lifestyles, Dubstep Mafia, Philth Feens, Signal Promotion, 81 Massive, NFNC
4/27 Philly4/28 Central Pa5/4-5/4 Lincoln Financial Field Philly5/5 Philly5/12 Philly5/17 Buffalo5/18 Pittsburgh(4 man tag group "Dirty Pantyz")5/25 Lancaster Pa8/23 Kind Roots Festival

•]••´º´•» HYJAX «•´º´••[•ı
[Not My Kids!]
Zack Bombich aka HyJax is a force not to be reckoned with. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pa he has an arsenal of flowing bass sounds driven by rhythmic drums that are sure to get your heart thumpin and blood pumpin. At only 19 years of age, HyJax has already made many dance floors shake with his energy filled, dynamic sets. HyJax is guaranteed to deliver a memorable performance consisting of moombaton, dubstep, drumstep and other bass heavy music. Get ready! HyJax is coming to shred a dance floor near you!


•]••´º´•» BUKU «•´º´••[•
[Legions of Dance]
Buku is Robert Balotsky. Residing in Pittsburgh, PA, Buku is an up and coming electronic music artist. He focuses on producing dubstep and electro with a strong concentration on musicality.
Coming from a classical background, Buku uses his extensive knowledge in music theory to make his tracks musically pleasing to the ear as well as dirty enough to dance to. With his following exponentially growing, more and more listeners are enjoying Buku's unique studio production.
Not to be mistaken with any other studio-bound musician, Buku's live show has proven itself to be both electrifying and wonderfully danceable through his use of tension and release. With more people tuning in to his sounds, his Soundcloud page is being visited and listened to more everyday.
Through tens of thousands of plays, thousands of downloads, and his consistent releasing schedule, Buku has people giving him their full attention- with his fan base hanging on to every new song he produces.

Buy Tickets Here http://fla.vor.us/wafform.aspx?_act=eventview&_pky=129560&afflky=NHS3LT

▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Supporting DJs █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ (in no order)
ıllıllı Black Daddy ıllıllı (Hardstyle/Hardcore) [Hardstyle Family 412//Legions of Dance//B.A.D A.S.S//NYCRavers]http://www.facebook.com/DjBlackDaddyhttp://soundcloud.com/black-daddy
ıllıllı Selektaz ıllıllı (Tag Set, Moomba Madness) [Bro Code Promos//Not My Kids!]~Bearzzhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Bearzz/187235008018276www.soundcloud.com/bearzz~Broskihttp://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Broski/178912072190977
ıllıllı Bross Vs Hipster MaGee ıllıllı (Dubstep) [Legions of Dance//Dubnation//Dubstep Pioneers of PGH//Leaders of the New Moomba Movement]
ıllıllı Chaotic Style ıllıllıhttp://www.facebook.com/DjChaoticStylehttp://soundcloud.com/Dj-Chaotic-Style
ıllıllı HAC ıllıllı (UK Hardcore/Freeform/Breakbeat Hardcore] (BC1 Productions//Hardstyle Family 412//Potential Loop)http://soundcloud.com/fateconspireshttp://www.facebook.com/DJHAC- HAC was born in a lab in mexico. A genetic experiment gone wrong while trying to cross breed a dodo bird with a lemur. He lives on a strict diet of beer and hardcore.
ıllıllı Lush ıllıllı [Hardcore] (Hardstyle Family 412)http://www.facebook.com/DjLush724
ıllıllı Omen ıllıllı
ıllıllı Benni Blackjack ıllıllı [Not My Kids!]
ıllıllı Brian Thomas ıllıllı (UK Hard House) [Hardstyle Family 412// Drunken Monk]http://www.soundcloud.com/nmso4http://www.drunkenmonkproductions.com/
ıllıllı Ben Matrix ıllıllı (Drum N' Bass) [Infrastructure]
ıllıllı Starkiss ıllıllı (UK Hardcore) [Raversonly]http://www.facebook.com/Djstarkisshttp://soundcloud.com/djstarkiss
ıllıllı Kilo ıllıllı (Drum N' Bass) [412 Approved//B.A.D. A.S.S]http://www.facebook.com/KILO412
ıllıllı Braykedown ıllıllı (Dirty Dutch/Electro) [Legions of Dance]http://www.facebook.com/Braykedownhttp://soundcloud.com/braykedown
ıllıllı Cur8r ıllıllı [Fresh Decade]http://www.facebook.com/cur8r.dj

ıllıllı Cypher ıllıllı [Not My Kids!]http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cypher/217731358251639http://soundcloud.com/cypher-4/
ıllıllı DRO ıllıllı (Moomba/Electro) [Not My Kids!]
ıllıllı viralshark ıllıllı [Not My Kids!]http://www.facebook.com/djviralsharkhttp://soundcloud.com/viralsharkviralSHARK emerged from the depths of the sea to unleash his arsenal of bass onto the world. Don't let him fool you, his beats may be heavy and evil, but wants nothing more than to make you DANCE....and maybe a spare limb.
ıllıllı TRiXX ıllıllı [Drum N' Bass] (No Philly'ation)http://soundcloud.com/trixxr4kidzhttp://www.facebook.com/Trixx.philly
ıllıllı J-Me ıllıllı (Bassline/Fidget/Electro) [Sisters of Sinister]http://www.facebook.com/BasslineJmehttp://soundcloud.com/j-me-2
Club Radioactive House DJ AleKatBringing you her Katatomicfunk.
..::AIRED LIVE ON PLUR.FM::..http://plur.fm/^^^Tune in anytime to check out pgh's local talent and live feeds :D


Buy Tickets Here http://fla.vor.us/wafform.aspx?_act=eventview&_pky=129560&afflky=NHS3LT
show starts at


Club Radioactive
227 Market St
Kittanning, PA 16201

Buy Tickets Here http://fla.vor.us/wafform.aspx?_act=eventview&_pky=129560&afflky=NHS3LT

Saturday, 25 August 2012

call/text 626.241.4711
Email: [email protected]
Like run it on facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Run-It/217141608370084
(Please subject your email request with "World Of Ravecraft
by Not My Kids! Promo at Club Radioactive

Official Website: http://fla.vor.us/wafform.aspx?_act=eventview&_pky=129560&afflky=NHS3LT

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