1329 Huahai Lu (near hengshan lu)
Shanghai, Shanghai

DJ: SS + Influx UK + MC Stride

The world’s biggest and longest-running d&b event brand “WORLD OF DRUM & BASS” are doing their first and only performance in China! For more than 10 years since its conception, “WORLD OF DRUM & BASS” has touched down all over the globe, packing venue capacities from 1000 to 15,000 people, hosted by most of the world’s top, chart-breaking, award-winning artists. At the eve of Christmas, “WORLD OF DRUM & BASS” chief ambassadors DJ SS + Influx UK will be dropping the latest dnb tunes and showing Shanghai how they do it!

DJ SS: One of the UK's finest DJ/Producers and one of the founders of Formation Records, DJ SS aka Leroy Small is an original breakbeat pioneer who has made an immense contribution to today's drum & bass sound.

Influx UK: As the 2nd half of the World of Drum & Bass series, Influx UK has already done more for the worldwide scene than most ever will. So expect a white hot set from him.

MC Stride: The new edition to the Phreaktion Worldwide camp, MC Stride has built a name for himself over the years. As one of the leading drum’n’bass mc’s in Asia, this young lyrical wizard sure knows how to hold down a piping hot event.

当今世上最具号召力的鼓打贝斯派对品牌“WORLD OF DRUM & BASS” 于12月在上海登陆了!历时10年的 ,在世界各大城市享誉盛名的“WORLD OF DRUM & ASS”派对场场爆满,从小型的1000人到1万5千人的体育馆都可见到他们的踪影。在圣诞前夕,“WORLD OF DRUM & BASS”的亲善大使们DJ SS和INFLUX UK将为上海带来最新的鼓打贝斯乐曲,上海将成为中国第一个于其世界巡回表演城市 ,千万不可错过了!

DJ SS: 作为英伦鼓打贝斯的先锋之一,DJ SS也是老牌dnb厂牌Formation Records的创始人。他对当今鼓打贝斯的贡献不容忽视,独特的风格塑造了自成一格的支派。他与Influx UK造就了势不可挡的“WORLD OF DRUM & BASS”系列,在竞争强烈的dnb界里仍然一枝独秀。

Influx UK: 作为“WORLD OF DRUM & BASS”的第二号人物,Influx UK以他精湛的打碟功力及过人的制作才能令他竞身为鼓打贝斯名人堂。

MC Stride: Phrekation的新进驻外大使MC。这位年青的英籍MC近年于亚洲各地巡回演出,为各大派DJ派对主持说唱,成功地为自己奠定了新一代鼓打贝斯的地位。

Male 120RMB Female 80RMB, After 2am 80RMB; OPENBAR 8:30pm - 4:00am.

Official Website: http://www.clubbonbon.com

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