1600 Holloway
San Francisco, California

World Hero, Stanislav Petrov, the retired Soviet military officer who averted a potential nuclear war in 1983, will be at San Francisco State University on Thursday at 4:00pm. A Danish movie company that is making a full-length documentary (partially a docudrama) will be filming him speaking in a classroom (classroom HSS 362 holds 70 people). If you would like to be in the audience and filmed as part of this documentary come to Stan Francisco State corner of 19th and Holloway, on Thursday May 24 at 4:00 pm Contact Doug Mattern, Association of World Citizens email: [email protected] Tel: 650 326 1409


A special World Citizen Award was presented at the Unied Nations to Stanislav Petrov for his courage and judgment on September 26, 1983, when in charge of an early warning bunker outside of Moscow. On that fateful day of high tension between the United States and the Soviet Union, the early warning system reported the U.S. had launched a missile attack on Russia. Instead of alerting command headquarters, which may have set in motion a retaliatory nuclear exchange, Colonel Petrov retained his composure for an agonizing time as alarms blared with more warnings of an attack, trusting his judgment that the warning was a false alarm. Colonel Petrov was correct and his decision may have saved humanity from a nuclear catastrophe. Dr. Bruce Blair, President of the Center for Defense Information, and a former U.S. Minuteman Missile Launch Officer, believes this incident is the closest we have come to accidental nuclear war. We are all indebted to Stanislav Petrov, a Hero of our time and Citizen of the World. See: http://www.brightstarsound.com/

Official Website: http://www.brightstarsound.com

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