220 - 4th Avenue S.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2K 1V8

Join us in Calgary as part of a worldwide rally against the Canadian commercial seal hunt. Citizens will gather in front of the Harry Hays Building at noon on Thursday March 15th to demand an end to the industrial-scale slaughter of seal pups. Some placards will be available but you can certainly bring one along if you wish to make your own statement to the government.

The east coast seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine animals in the world. This crime against nature has no equal anywhere on earth. During the last 3 years the Government of Canada has delivered the death sentence to over one million baby harp seals. The seal hunt is incredibly cruel, and in the face of global warming is becoming a threat to the survival of the species. It is done mainly for unessential, vanity, and luxury items, and is therefore unnecessary.

This horrific crime must not stand unopposed - please attend our rally to demonstrate that we are compassionate people. We must tell the Government that the brutal and painful slaughter of animals who are struggling to survive is simply not acceptable!

Official Website: http://harpseals.org/helpstop/dayofaction2007.html

Added by Chungo on March 9, 2007