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Only 4 weeks until the World Changing Careers symposium - students only $50! Educators and adult professionals come free with 3 students! Free booth at symposium exhibition for NGOs and young entrepreneurs.

Registration extended to June 28th.
July 23rd-27th, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.
Come join us to design a sustainable future through your career - whether you’re interested in science, governance, education, business, health, economics, media, cleantech and energy, or agriculture. This is a rare opportunity to engage with the best minds, the brightest ideas, leaders of today, and visionaries of tomorrow. It’s your chance to learn skills and ideas to drive the world in an exciting new direction and give you the inside track on the jobs of the future.

Over the next 10 years, 500 million young people will seek employment in a rapidly changing world. Imagine…in 30 years, our professional working lives, we need to create homes, feed, communicate, create wealth, govern, and educate…for a low carbon, prosperous, healthy future.
In 30 years we can turn this world around


- David Orr, best known for his pioneering work on education for sustainability
- George Lakoff, linguist and political activist on how we think and communicate.
- Janine Benyus, writer, innovator, and consultant on the science of biomimicy.
- CEOs of Canada’s leading cleantech firms
- The best in business, governance, education, architecture, healthcare, food systems, industry, cleantech and energy, and communications

Due to our generous sponsors, youth can register for only $50! Deadline is June 28th. Registration is now open for both youth and professionals: visit www.worldchangingcareers.com. For more information please contact Alysia Garmulewicz by email at [email protected] or by phone at (250) 358-2150.
"Green jobs are the jobs of the future" - Barack Obama

Official Website: http://worldchangingcareers.com

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