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Lord Carlile QC, House of Lords, will speak on "Terrorism and Civil Liberties - Where Now and Next?"

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An excellent lecture by Lord Carlisle, Special Advisor to UK Govt. on Terrorism.

Prior to 9/11 he was appointed the Independent Reiewer pf the Terrorism Act 2000.

Post 9/11 he was appointed Independent Reiewer of the Detention Provisions of the Bellmarsh Proisions (Anti-terrorism Acts 2001, an Emergency Legislation)

Bellmarsh Provisions were struck down in 16 December 2004

Succeded by Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, which brought in Control Orders

Then Terrorism Act 2006 introduced "acts preparatory to and connected to terrorism". and glorifying(?) terrorism.

Lord Carlisle also reviews legislation under which MI5 operates in Northern Ireland.


Control Orders

Presently there are 18 men under Control Orders.
One third of them are British.

There are a total of 22 controls.


"National Security is a civil liberty belonging to every citizen".


Trial by Jury is :

  1. most democratic.
  2. leads to near universal acceptance of verdict.

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