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This workshop provides an overview of Social Network Analysis (SNA) and its application to social media.

Social network analysis can turn mountains of social media data into ranked lists of different kinds of contributors. Learn how to take data from common social media sources, including enterprise discussions and online communities, twitter, flickr, your own email and facebook and find the experts, the bridges and brokers, discover major clusters and identify leaders.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will:

* be able to understand the basics of SNA, its terminology and background.
* be able to transform communication data (e.g. Twitter, email, flickr, message boards etc.) into network data.
* understand the different possible presentations of social networks, e.g. in a matrix or a sociogram.
* apply network metrics and visualizations to find clusters and key contributors in real world social media data sets.
* get familiar with the use of standard SNA tools and software in general and the NodeXL social network analysis add-in for Excel in particular.
* be able to derive practical and useful information through SNA analysis that would help design an innovative and successful online community.

Intended audience:

Community management, social media monitoring and marketing, knowledge management, collaboration and human resources, legal discovery, organizational behavior and management

Instructor's Background:

Dr. Marc A. Smith is a sociologist and Chief Social Scientist at Connected Action Consulting Group a provider of fine quality social media analysis platforms and systems. Smith specializes in the social organization of online communities and computer mediated interaction. He founded and managed the Community Technologies Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington and is now leading the development of social media reporting and analysis tools for Connected Action Consulting Group.

Early bird: $395; regular: $495; at the door: $550.

Official Website: http://smanalysis.eventbrite.com/

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