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When people in our community talk about CMSes, the usual suspects - Wordpress, Moveable Type, etc. - always get the first mention. And rightfully so. These packages are robust, reliable, and time-proven blogging engines. But what if your content isn’t a blog? What if you are creating a catalog of recipes? Or maybe you’re doing music or movie reviews? Or perhaps your content is event dates and times?

The farther your content strays from the traditional blog, the more you’re going to have to force Wordpress or MT into submission via hacks, plug-ins, and other inelegant solutions in order to get your software to do what you want it to do.

Enter Django. Django is a full-stack web application framework written in Python which can be used to create all sorts of sites. However, Django’s origin in the newspaper world makes it uniquely suited to quickly and easily creating CMSes designed specifically for your site’s content.

In this full-day workshop, designer and developer Jeff Croft will walk you through creating a custom Django-powered CMS from the ground up, starting with creating models for your content, through Django’s view functions, URL configuration, and template language.

Official Website: http://south08.webdirections.org/?cat=3#post-64

Added by MaxineSherrin on May 26, 2008