1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Building 43
Mountain View, California 94043

We're having a wordpress meetup at Google. Same principal applies. . Bring schwag. Bring conversation.

Special thanks to Kevin Marks for letting us come.

Alright, so a few updates for everyone.

I just talked to Kevin on the phone. He said he's probably going to be a little late, but we're meeting in the lobby of the main building. I'll be there at 12:00-12:15ish.

As far as parking goes, you should see parking on your way up. Don't park at the main campus, it's overcrowded. If you can't find it, ask the security guards where to go.

Look for me when you get to the main lobby. I'll be wearing an American Eagle shirt.


Added by acole on April 3, 2007



An emergency came up and I'll flying out tomorrow. I will not be able to attend the Word Press event at Google.

But please add me to the mailing list. Thank you. [email protected]


Hi there,

Although it sounds interesting to me, I'm not familiar w this type of events. Can anyone tell me more about them? (I have to drive from SF, so I want to be sure..) Thanks!


edf, it's something like wordcamp on a smaller scale. We're going to be talking about general wordpress stuff. You can ask general questions and give advice, etc.


Wish I could be there...Wordcamp was a great experience. I am flying back from Philly but don't land until 5 PM.


edf - it's basically just chilling with a bunch of wordpress people. Conversation is loosely based on WP - but people talk about their own projects and web stuff. I'm coming a long way too, from the East bay. It won't disappoint.