622 SE Grand Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

Details to be given for WordIgniteBarCampCampCampCampPalooza… PDX at IGNITE PORTLAND 4 on November 13th.

That's all we can say for now, but... you do not want to miss this.

Added by PortlandTen on November 4, 2008



Gah! And I have tickets for the Annie Leibovitz lecture that night :(


I do not want to miss this.


I've got Leibovitz tickets, too. So sad.

Mark Colman

You, yes you aaronhockley and abrahamhyatt, have your priorities all screwed up!

Alas, do not dispair. I, Kram Namoc, Rollei Holder, tofu molder and part time Permanent Latrine Orderly, am here to help you out of your horrible dimema. Give my your Annie Leibovitz tickets and I will take care of everything. There. Feel better now?


so, according to the word on the street, aka @evacatherder, there may well be the decoration of cupcakes, and other such activities, at wordignitebarcampcampcampcamppaloozapdx....


Ok - you twisted my arm with Cupcakes - not really, but I have officially caved and will be there.