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An advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word lets you take
advantage of powerful techniques that increase efficiency and
help you design more complex documents.

For example, you can customize your Word toolbar to
standardize and automate often-used commands, record macros to do
a whole series of complex tasks at the touch of a key, and
correctly assemble a long document - with all the professional-
looking components your company requires. These Word skills,
while not difficult to learn, will give you a competitive edge
when high-quality results are demanded under deadline.

This advanced Word training course uses real-world,
hands-on exercises to illustrate each technique, so that by the
end of the course you will be able to:

* Quickly assemble form letters using Mail Merge
* Design easy-to-use fillable forms
* Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks using Macros
* Customize your toolbar and keyboard to perform a group of
actions with just one click
* Format book-length documents, including table of contents
and index
* Create a custom structure for web pages with XML tags

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