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Santa Cruz, California


Saturday, February 18 and Sunday, February 19, 2006

9:00 am to 9:00pm


WoolfCamp is for all those folks whose blogs serve as venues for
their creative writing endeavors.

The "camp" concept is based on the barcamp and brainjam innovative models of conferencing- cooperative, participatory, zero bureaucracy, zero power tripping, total immersion, big fun.

Historically, these camps and jams have been geek-based. WoolfCamp will differ in providing a focus on the creative aspects of blog content. The goal is to help each other with writing on our blogs, in whatever form we wish to explore - memoirs, creative non-fiction, fiction, poetics.

As is the nature of these camp events, logistics may evolve. For
example, if the number of participants exceeds the capacity of my home (we're talking 30-40 max), we'll seek an alternate setting. The date, however, is solid and will not change.

Note - this is the "Winter" WoolfCamp. If it's a hit, we'll do
another in the Summer, or earlier, or later. See? It's ever evolving.

Come, evolve with us. Come teach, come learn, come eat a lot of M&Ms.

To sign up, please go to the wiki.

Grace's House
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Santa Cruz
831 325 3990

[email protected]
831 325 3990

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