Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

7:30 pm, Meyer Auditorium
Pre-concert tour, 6:45 pm. Arts of the Indian Subcontinent and the Himalayas

The Woodley Ensemble, the area's leading chamber choir, gives the Washington premiere of Gustav Holst's rarely heard Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda. Holst made his own translations from the Sanskrit for this work, which he completed in 1918. Traditional Vedic chants offered by the chief priest at the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, one of the Washington area's oldest and largest Hindu temples, precede the concert. Frank Albinder, conductor of the Woodley Ensemble, was long-time associate director of the Grammy Award-winning Chanticleer choir of San Francisco. Presented in conjunction with the centennial of Freer's 1906 gift to the Smithsonian.

Official Website: http://www.asia.si.edu/events/index.asp?year=2006&month=10&day=14

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