1 S Saginaw St
Pontiac, Illinois 48342

Cost: $10.
Ages: 21+.

Advance tickets here.

If the Powers That Be schedule any more shows I desperately want to go to this weekend -- all of which will be forsaken in favour of The Mountain Goats, of course -- my head's gonna friggin' explode. So many of my friends' bands are playing on THIS PARTICULAR DAY, it's insane. So many people I will inadvertently snub. Sigh.

Added by excessively on August 12, 2005



screw that i'm skipping mountain goats for wolf parade!!! sorry stephanie :)


I'm going alone please say hi to me thanks


i'm not going anymore because i have friends in from out of town..... you, me, and stephanie should totally become pals and go to shows together so we aren't going alone!