1330 Fukknire St.
San Francisco, California 94115

Wobbly World is a group of internationally recognized musicians in a powerful and unique collaboration.Wobbly World’s music is an ethno-layering of melodic, rhythmic and poetic ideas from several very different musical traditions that fit powerfully into a brilliant new sound. The message is simple yet deep.
Founded by guitarist Freddy Clarke, Wobbly World is a revolving door of musicians and singers who encompass the sounds of Africa, Bulgaria,China,Cuba,Denmark,Iran,Morocco,Netherlands,Pakistan,Paraguay,Syria, Viet Nam & the U.S.for a bold, brave, joy filled celebration of international musical synergy. Wobbly World’s music is a refreshing mix where each player brings a contrasting musical tradition, yet the music flows and soars with a deep sense of cohesion.

The Eastern and Western scales have rarely sounded so natural together. The band is committed to being the embodiment of the world in successful collaboration.

For more information, visit www.freddyclarke.com/wobbly-world

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