701A E. Washington Ave.
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

9:00 pm / $5 cover 21 AND UP
According to the calendar, summer lasts until September 22. Here in Madison, it gets sealed with a kiss prematurely with a going away show for Carl Johns. After nine years as a Madisonian, Carl will be moving to Philadelphia in September. In the past couple of years Johns has released two more pop-oriented albums under the moniker Charlemagne, as well as a trilogy of limited CD-singles. A West Coast tour with Charlemagne's Summer Angels trio will be wrapping up shortly before this going away gig, which will feature a 7-piece band including players from Detour Allure and some special guest members. Coincidentally, the fact that Carl is heading for parts unknown means The Super Eights keyboard seat has once again fallen victim to spontaneous implosion, resulting in a large cloud of burning gas decimating the group's practice space. This time, it appears the collateral damage may be so bad that continuation of their mission is in jeopardy. If you're an Eights fan, or haven't yet gotten to experience their particular brand of garage-pop, don't miss it. Shazy Hade is one band on the bill which doesn't appear to be getting beamed up by Scotty anytime soon. A collaboration between members of Hum Machine, ex-Midwest Beat/Shiver Matt Joyce and Shinky (ex-libris), they will, however, transport your ass to the rock zone. Just don't bring back any Tribbles, or let Captain Kirk touch you there.


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