215 Spadina Ave
Toronto, Ontario

Centre for Social Innovation
215 Spadina Avenue
4th floor
*drinks very likely to follow!

We know you've been wondering where Toronto's favorite community wireless group has been. Well, we've been hibernating, like the rest of the city. But we're back and ready to shake things up again with some exciting new projects and events. These include a Wireless Toronto volunteer trip to the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks (ISCWN), Transit Pulse Portals, a Spring Venue Sprint (May), and more!

So whether you're into surfing Googlemaps, tweaking iptables rulesets, taking/posting pictures of found objects in Toronto, or maybe just ticked off about the whole deal with Bell/Rogers throttling internet traffic and want to do something about for-pay internet provision in Toronto, come and join our conversation! There's lots of different opportunities to get involved, and new ideas are always welcome!

Can't make it to our April meeting?

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