1, zone B 28 Kensington Street
Brighton, England BN1 4AJ

Led by Richard Rutter and James Box

The advent of Web 2.0 has exposed a demand for richer, more nuanced forms of interaction, posing new challenges for today's information architect. We will examine how wireframing - one of our most readily used tools - is evolving to meet these demands.

The creation of modern web applications involves designing intricate patterns, such as state-change and ajax-like behaviour. These designs need to be documented and tested quickly and efficiently. Using real-world examples, we will show how wireframes in the form of non-functional HTML prototypes can be the ideal solution to both documentation and design. We'll demonstrate how frameworks such as JQuery can be your friends in prototype creation, and how best to put together your own library of design patterns.

We'll explain how interactive prototypes are ideal for use in agile, iterative approaches to web development, as well as with more traditional workflows, and ultimately ensure prototypes give maximum return to both you and your client. Wireframing and prototyping have long been the lynchpin of user experience design. This talk will demonstrate why, with a little evolution, this is still the case.

Added by boxman on February 19, 2008



Sounds good, we've been using a combination of jQuery and paper-based protoypes on a couple of recent projects.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to make it along on Thursday, hope it goes well :(


I want to come please - do I simply sign up here? Ta ;-)


I would love to come but am already triple booked that night - will there be any info or podcast available afterwards? Or a second session?

jenni lloyd

bollocks. it's on the same day at the mashup widget event. Any chance of a 2nd session?


Yeah any chance of a second session?


me too


When is this Skillswap full?


Wow..we sold out...how did that happen? Sorry folks, we're limited to 20 places. We don't currently have any plans to do the session again, although we will be giving the same talk at SXSWi (which will be podcasted).

Later this year, we'll be offering a one day practical workshop which will cover much of the same material as next week's talk.

Also of interest...Andy Budd is planning a Skillswap on UX design for some time soon. Stay tuned to the Skillswap website for more details: