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Successfully marketing your professional services is a challenge. It takes a serious investment of your time and energy to be successful. To attract your ideal clients, that is clients who you love to work with and who pay you well, is the "holy grail of marketing" Yet, few achieve it. And it's because they've failed to master both the Outer and Inner Marketing Games.
Both are necessary if you want to attract clients consistently. You can just understand the Outer Game, that is the principles, strategies and tactics for attracting clients but fail to put these ideas into action. Or you can understand the Inner Marketing Games and build great confidence but not know what steps to take to attract clients.

In the workshop you'll learn the most concise principles and practices to win both the Outer and Inner Marketing Games. And then we'll demonstrate the integration of these games in action with real day-to-day marketing challenges.

Workshop Leaders

Robert Middleton: Founder of Action Plan Marketing, Robert has worked with Independent Professionals since 1984. Robert is the author of the InfoGuru Marketing Manual and Marketing Ball - Lessons on Attracting Clients from the Marketing Coach. Robert currently works with clients in two ways - though the one-year Marketing Mastery Program and his membership program, the Marketing Club. Robert has a reputation for making complex marketing ideas simple and approachable for Independent Professionals.

Ian Chambers: Ian is the founder of Authentic Marketing 4 Entrepreneurs in Santa Cruz, CA. He is a business coach and marketing strategist. Ian works internationally with entrepreneurs, professionals, and owners of small companies to help them re-organize and expand their marketing impact for greater business success. He guides them in aligning their higher vision with their marketing so they can attract more ideal clients, increase profitability and be clear, powerful communicators of their business message.

Official Website: http://actionplan.com/inoutgame-rm

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