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colin, colinbo, colinbowern, colin2007 - does this sound familiar? Managing your user information is a nightmare on the internet. Microsoft first introduced Passport with the promise of providing a single identity to the internet. As we all know, that didn’t get very far. Through the lessons learned and work with the industry they have rethought the identity ecosystem and introduced Windows Cardspace. Whether you build public web applications or internal corporate applications, if you deal with users and their identity then this session is for you. We will have a brief overview of the concepts behind Cardspace and other federated identity systems and then get deep into the code to show you how easy it is to integrate into your existing applications. Finally we will touch on some of the controversy and the challenges you will face when introducing this technology to the unfamiliar public.

Official Website: http://www.tvbug.com/events.aspx#May

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