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Post a message and sign up for updates for your local neighborhood (listed below) on the new Yahoo! local Neighbors discussion boards beta, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free iPhone 3G or iPod touch (your choice). Plus we will have free t-shirts! Yahoo! Local Neighbors is a practical discussion forum for any topic — from neighborhood safety to contractor recommendations. Get answers to questions you haven't thought to ask from neighbors you haven't met. Make an announcement, sell something, or get free stuff. Discover what's up in your area and join the discussion!

When: Thursday, October 23 from 12 – 2 p.m.
Where: URL’s Dining Room 1 (back of main dining area)

Do you live in...
San Jose
East Palo Alto
Foster City
Los Altos
Menlo Park
Mountain View
Palo Alto
Portolla Valley
Redwood City
San Carols
San Mateo
Santa Clara
Make friends with your neighbors!

*This is an employee only event*

Added by elsachang on October 22, 2008



I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Elsa Chang
Community Manager
Yahoo! Local and Upcoming


I drove there at noon today, the guard up front told me no such event and no one at Yahoo! knows about it.

That was a let down!