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WiMax Broadband Convergence
Emerging Fixed and Mobile Revenue Opportunities

Berge Ayvazian , Chief Strategy Officer, Yankee Group

Sriram Vishwanathan, GM of WiMax Program Office, Intel Corporation
Rehan Jalil, President and CEO, WiChorus
P. Kelley Dunne , CEO, Digital Bridge Communications
Sandesh Patnam , Partner and CFO, Bay Partners
Tom Gruba, Senior Director of Marketing for MOTOwi4 WIMAX, Motorola

The demand for mobility and broadband will be satisfied only with true mobile broadband services and the technology that can support them. At the forefront of the evolution to mobile broadband, and with the support of several industry heavyweights, WiMAX looks to be the leader for extending broadband to underserved areas and driving the Mobile Internet. WiMAX has gained momentum in the last year and is set to have a major impact on the converging fixed and mobile broadband.

The panel discussion will explore these topics, and provide further insights to the following questions:

o Where do key industry players stand on incorporating WiMAX into their existing strategies?
o Will 2008 be the breakout year for WiMAX and what is its role in shaping the mobile Internet of the future?
o What opportunities do these represent for aspiring entrepreneurs?
o Where are the current opportunities to monetize in WiMAX?

Register - http://www.vlab.org/store.html?event_id=162

Registration - http://www.vlab.org/store.html?event_id=162

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