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Bratislava, Bratislavsky

Wilsonic is an advanced music festival, held annually in Bratislava, Slovakia - the heart of Central Europe. Wilsonic is a spectacular celebration of today's cutting-edge music presented in a live context, connecting the best elements of music fused within the atmosphere of a concert, a club and a party. The primary focus is on local Central and Eastern European artists, musicians and producers sharing the stage with their critically acclaimed, international counterparts.


FRIDAY, 8 June

Nouvelle Vague (LIVE, France), The Heritage Orchestra (LIVE, United Kingdom), Birdy Nam Nam (LIVE, France), Jimmy Edgar (LIVE, United States), Pole & Band (LIVE, Germany), Nôze (LIVE, France), Audion aka Matthew Dear (LIVE, United States), Phon.O vs. Chris de Luca (LIVE, Germany), 3 Channels (DJs, Poland), Pastacas (LIVE, Estonia/Finland), Galaktlan (LIVE, Estonia), My Name Is Ann (LIVE, Czech Republic), WWW (LIVE, Czech Republic), Shema (LIVE, Ukraine), Machine Funck (LIVE, Czech Republic), Maximilian Skiba (LIVE, Poland), Raganova (LIVE, Slovakia), KiNK (LIVE, Bulgaria), Polymorphin (DJs, Hungary), Teapot (LIVE, Slovakia), Chill (DJ, Estonia), Monoide (LIVE, Slovakia), Click Joe (DJ, Czech Republic), Barbie Idijot (LIVE / Slovakia), Lazy Poets (LIVE, Slovakia), Minus (LIVE, Romania), Res Corporales (LIVE, Bulgaria)

Koop (LIVE, Sweden), Jazzanova & Clara Hill (DJ+LIVE, Germany), Psapp (LIVE, United Kingdom), Clark (LIVE, United Kingdom), Thief (LIVE, Germany), DJ Scotch Egg Band (LIVE, United Kingdom), MRK One (DJ, United Kingdom), Loefah & MC Sgt Pokes (DJ+LIVE, United Kingdom), Digital Mystikz (DJ, United Kingdom), Erik Sumo & Band (LIVE, Hungary), Pink Freud (LIVE, Poland), Dseir (LIVE, Estonia), Selffish (LIVE, Latvia), Mimu (LIVE, Austria), Gustav (LIVE, Austria), Herbert Weixelbaum (LIVE, Austria), Microthol (LIVE, Austria), Agaskodo Teliverek (LIVE, Hungary/UK), Piece of Shh… (LIVE, Serbia), Blue & Tall (DJs, Czech Republic), ko0 (DJ, Slovenia), Vik (DJ, Czech Republic), Foolcut (LIVE, Slovakia), Eduardo Borsuci in Optima Forma (LIVE, Slovakia)

Official Website: http://www.wilsonic.sk/

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