1325 E Madison St
Seattle, Washington 98122

Game recognizes game, and Willie Will brings his game to the table. Hailing from the Seattle, Washington, suburb of Everett, Will's game was formed and polished on the streets. His sound is a blend of hood life reality mixed with the heart of a soldier. This drive adds an often unheard authenticity to the stories he spits on the microphone. Some artists have all the talent in the world. Others simply use their desire and determination to achieve their goals. The hottest new mc to check for from the west coast, Young Soprano blends the perfect mix of both. Homegrown out of Seattle, Iilly Wonka was born and bred alongside a strong musical upbringing. Both sides of his family are heavy into writing, singing and playing instruments, often traveling city-to-city and state-to-state performing live at churches and events. Music comes naturally to Illy, some could say it is his major in the "School of Hard Knocks."

Added by Upcoming Robot on March 27, 2008