40 Brattle Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Harvard Book Store is excited to host William Gibson for a special August event at the Brattle Theatre. Mr. Gibson will discuss his latest book, Spook Country, an unsettling and fast-paced exploration of technology, media, espionage, and addiction

Set in the same high-tech present day as Pattern Recognition, Gibson's fine ninth novel offers startling insights into our paranoid and often fragmented, postmodern world. When a mysterious, not yet actual magazine, Node, hires former indie rocker–turned–journalist Hollis Henry to do a story on a new art form that exists only in virtual reality, Hollis finds herself investigating something considerably more dangerous. An operative named Brown, who may or may not work for the U.S. government, is tracking a young, Russian-speaking Cuban-Chinese criminal named Tito. Brown's goal is to follow Tito to yet another operative known only as the old man. Meanwhile, a mysterious cargo container with CIA connections repeatedly appears and disappears on the worldwide Global Positioning network, never quite coming to port. At the heart of the dark goings-on is Bobby Chombo, a talented but unbalanced specialist in Global Positioning software who refuses to sleep in the same spot two nights running.

Compelling characters and crisp action sequences, plus the author's trademark metaphoric language, help make this one of Gibson's best.

TICKETS: Tickets are $5 and may be purchased at Harvard Book Store, or over the phone with a credit card at 617-661-1515.
Please note the $5 tickets may be redeemed for $5 off a single item at the event or at Harvard Book Store!

Official Website: http://www.harvard.com/events/press_release.php?id=1872

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