714 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California

The man and legend himself, William Gibson, will be visiting Self Edge for an intense four hour long party on Sunday November 9th between 1pm and 5pm.

Some may know William Gibson from his venerable writings and creating and leading the cyberpunk genre with his world acclaimed novels such as Neuromancer, Count Zero, Pattern Recognition, and Spook Country. Others may know Gibson from the Buzz Rickson x William Gibson double-name line which is produced in Japan by TOYO (Sugar Cane). In our eyes the line started before Gibson ever met the men behind TOYO as Gibson wrote about a Buzz Rickson jacket that didn't actually exist in his novel Pattern Recognition. A Buzz Rickson black MA-1 Flight Jacket worn by Cayce Pollard set the wheels off and from there we've had reproductions of the most beautiful military pieces as seen through the eyes of William Gibson.
Even a recent set of Porter (Yoshida & Co.) bags has pushed the line even further into the accessory field and a set of classic athletic sneakers has widened the footwear line for the first time into the non-military issue realm.

William Gibson will be visiting Self Edge as a trip to further research all things denim and Japanese and at the same time to celebrate the William Gibson x Buzz Rickson line.
Come by and meet the man behind it all and enjoy a beer brewed down the street in our fine city.

Self Edge
714 Valencia Street
San Francisco 94110

November 9th
1pm to 5pm
First fifty people get a collectible Buzz Rickson Bandana... More specials to be announced closer to the date of the party.

Official Website: http://www.selfedge.com/2008/11/william-gibson-party-at-self-edge.php

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