4650 N. Mammoth Mine Road
Goldfield, Arizona 85219

Meet up at high noon at the Saloon at Goldfield Ghost Town. It is a bit of a tourist trap, but it has some great Old West scenery, and it is a convenient place for everyone to find each other. After a bite to eat, we can head up the road to the Lost Dutchman State Park I am pretty sure that park admission is $5 per car. Once at Lost Dutchman we can hike along the base of the Superstition Mountains. The trails are easy to moderate in difficulty. Expect to walk about 3-5 miles. At this time of day, the sun will be lighting up the West face of the mountain, and the poppies will still be open (they tend to close up later in the day). Bring some bottled water for the hike. The scenery should be quite beautiful.

For a map and directions from route 60 click here
Here is a zoomed out view

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I have heard that the wildflowers are not up to full strength yet at Lost Dutchman. Do other want to postpone until the 22nd or 29th?


We were just there yesterday morning and there are hardly any blooming. Even the brittle bush isn't blooming yet. There were some scatterings of blue dicks (wild hyacinth) and that was pretty much it. I saw one or two patches of Mexican gold poppies at a long distance away, not near any trail. We were very disappointed as we saw large patches of gold poppies and lupine along the highway on the way to the park, and it was such a beautiful day. Some of our group had done South Mountain the day before and they said the flowers are in full bloom there.


I am canceling the meetup today. The sky is overcast, the flowers turned out to be sparse at Lost Dutchman, and I have a cold. It looks like there are nicer places to see wildflowers like picacho, south mountain, or ever further up on apache trail. Maybe we can regroup and try again at another venue at another time. Sorry all.