1214 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Wilde Chats
Say Hi to A Gay Guy Event”
Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar November 2 from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Wilde Chats is a independent community partner of QueerWest.org is a loosely structured community-driven gay men's group gets together on the first Sunday of the month in neighborhood cafe. The group is lead following a "Socratic" model; rather than talk about solutions and answers to problems, the idea is to expand on the days topic by analyzing it and breaking it up into other questions.

Wilde Chats has been running in various Queer West Toronto cafes since May 2006. A whole range of men attend regularly. Men with jobs rub shoulders with men with careers or those who are on public assistance. The usual age range is from thirties to seventies, sometimes younger, sometimes older. "It's not very often people from their 20s to their 70s get together," said Michael Paré, moderator. Wilde Chats was created to give gay men creative ways to simply connect in positive ways and to let other gay men know, they are not alone.

The discussions typically focus on the hidden/unspoken assumptions, generalities and concepts that we as gay men make, and the differences that our various points of reference imply. It's purpose is to give gay men a place to chat about things that matter to them and is also an alternative way of meeting people and making new friends. It’s for everybody and it’s fun! We talk about things like “What is a friend?”, “What does the concept of gay community mean in Toronto?” Is there a prevalence of porn in our lives and does it affect the way we connect to each other? Do we suffer from more than our share of political apathy? The best part is that you meet the nicest people.

Topic: November 2, 2008 - “What is the affect of casual sex on a long term relationship?”

The Details: We meet informally at Gladstone Hotel, Medody Bar, 1214 Queen St W. Moderator: Michael Paré Look for the guy wearing a Cool Beer cap, with glasses, likely in one of the booths. We never know who's coming, so pull up a chair and mind the peanuts on the floor. Time: 2 PM to 3:30 PM, 1st Sunday of every month starting November 2008. Please RSVP if possible, so we know how many chairs are needed 416-551-1709 (Please be on time) Event Not Held: If Snow and icy conditions, rain storms or long weekends . Get on Mailing list or Call for more information: [email protected] 416-551-1709

Official Website: http://www.queerwest.org/wildechats.php

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